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Toyota ECU Flashing

So, you have lost the keys to your Toyota vehicle and every locksmith you call is telling you they can not make the key. There is a reason for this anomaly. Many Toyota vehicles require the dealer to replace the ECU and/or immobilizer if you lose all of your keys. Why? Who knows? The same issue is experienced with various Lexus, Honda, Acura, and Saab models. These vehicles were not designed with the locksmith in mind. The manufacturer designed the system so only a dealership could replace the keys.

The dealership charges $850 to $1600 to make new keys for these vehicles, and until now, customers were forced to pay the fee if they wanted an operational vehicle.

Key Man Lock & Safe Company in Ogden, UT is the only locksmith in the state with the ability to generate new keys for these vehicles when all keys are lost. Key Man's automotive locksmiths can provide you with new keys WITHOUT replacing the ECU or immobilizer. Our locksmiths can remove the ECU or immobilizer from your vehicle, flash and reprogram it, then reinstall it and program new keys at a mere fraction of the dealership cost.

We also offer flashing via the mail. Simply remove your ECU and ship it to us along with the door lock. We will flash and program the ECU and return it to you with instructions for programming your new keys. (Please contact us before sending your ECU).

Below is a list of Toyota vehicles which require the ECU or immobilizer to be flashed and reprogrammed when all keys are lost.

4-Runner 1998-2004 Avalon 1998-2003 Camry 1998-2009 FJ Cruiser Highlander 2001-2003 Landcruiser 1998-2004 MR2 2001-2003 Prius 2001-2004 RAV4 2002-2003 Sequoia 2001+ Sienna 1998-2004+ Solara 1998-2004

Call us at (801) 675-5277 or email us at for more information.

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