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Key Man Wins 2019 Reader's Choice Award For Best Locksmith

Once again, award winning locksmith Key Man Lock & Safe Company has proven themselves to be the top automotive locksmith in the State of Utah, and one of the best in the United States.

Key Man Lock & Safe Company is no stranger to awards. In 2016, Key Man Lock & Safe's own Glenn Letteer was chosen from a field of over 3,000 safe technicians globally for the Diebold Top 1% of the Top 1% Award. In 2018 Key Man was awarded the Top Locksmith in Utah Award. Thus far in 2019 Key Man has been awarded The Best of Northern Utah Reader's Choice Award for Best Locksmith.

When asked how Key Man manages to come out on top time and time again, Master Locksmith Glenn Letteer had this to say. "How do we win? We became #1 through a combination of efforts. First and foremost, we treat our customers as friends and family. It is amazing how far kindness and understanding goes. We offer exceptional value for a fair price.. We do very little advertising. Around 90% of our business comes by word of mouth from our satisfied customers. A carefully designed brand has much to do with it as well. We have highly educated locksmiths working for our company. Two hold Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees, one, a Masters degree in Emergency & Disaster Management, another has nearly completed their Bachelor of Business Administration, and one of our MBA degree holders also holds a Doctorate Degree in Education with a specialization in Performance Improvement as well as being a Lean Six Sigma/Six Sigma certified Master Black Belt. With this degree of knowledge and professionalism working for us, we are bound to succeed."

When Key Man first opened their Ogden location, they had two employees, a locksmith and a shop manager. They had only one service vehicle on the road. Today they have two Utah locations and seven (7) service vehicles. Customers come from all over Utah as well as Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, and Colorado. Customers worldwide ship ECUs and keys to Key Man for repair, flashing, and Eeprom services.

Key Man is currently the only Utah locksmith and one of the few in the country offering a full range of key services on Saab, Volvo, Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW, Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Lotus vehicles.

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