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We Make Mercedes Keys

Are you a Mercedes owner and need a spare key? Have you lost all of your keys? With the dealership, you must wait two weeks for them to order your key. Once your key arrives you then have to schedule a service appointment and drop your vehicle off for a day or two.

You now have another option. Key Man Lock & Safe Company located in Ogden, Utah is the only Utah locksmith with the ability to program Mercedes keys. Whether you just need a spare or you have lost all keys, we can do it. We do not need weeks or even days. We stock Mercedes keys and can have your Mercedes completed the SAME DAY.

If you have lost all keys and live out of the area, simply mail us your EIS module (ignition switch which is easily removed). We will then program new keys to the ignition and quickly return it to you with new keys. You then plug it back into your vehicle and it is ready to drive. Things could not be easier!

Give us a call at 801-675-5277 or stop by today and see why we are Utah's award winning #1 automotive locksmith.

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