As a BMW owner, you are undoubtedly aware of the extremely high cost of obtaining spare keys from the dealership.  Spare keys can cost as much as $700 and if you lose all of your keys, you can expect to pay as much as $2,000.


       High dealership costs have caused many people to take their chances with just one key.  Until now, the BMW dealership has been the only option for spare or lost keys.  BMW owners now have a much quicker and more affordable option.


       Key Man Lock & Safe Company in Ogden, Utah has expert automotive master locksmiths with the skill and technological ability to cut and program keys for most BMW vehicles including models equipped with EWS, CAS, BDM, and FEM immobilizer systems at a fraction of the dealership cost.


       When getting keys from the BMW dealer, the dealer DOES NOT have the ability to laser cut your keys at their location.  Instead, they must order your keys by VIN and wait for them to arrive.  This can take up to two weeks, then you must leave your vehicle at the dealership for several days while waiting for them to be programmed.


       At Key Man Lock & Safe Company, we can cut your BMW keys and have them programmed into your car the same day, often times in about an hour or less.


       Key Man Lock & Safe Company, Inc. is the only locksmith in Utah with the ability to cut and program BMW keys.  No appointment is ever needed on most BMW vehicles.  Simply call or stop by today and our expert certified automotive locksmiths will take care of you and have you back on the road.

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