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We laser cut and Program Honda Keys & repair stuck Honda Ignitions

       If you own a Honda vehicle, you are undoubtedly aware of the high cost of replacement of spare keys.

       The Honda dealership will tell you they are the only one who has the ability to cut and program keys for your car.  They will tell you an appointment must be scheduled, your car must be dropped off, and it will take anywhere from a day to a week.  This is a complete lie.  Key Man Lock & Safe Company with locations in both Ogden and Layton has the ability and technology to laser cut and program Honda keys while you wait.  Best of all, we will have you out the door and on the road in minutes at around 50% of the dealer cost.  No appointment is ever required.

       If you are experiencing Honda ignition problems such as a stuck ignition, the dealer cost is $650 to $950 (We know.  We have called AND have heard it from customers)  The dealer will tell you your ignition must be replaced ($650) or you require both an ignition AND ignition assembly ($950).  THIS IS A LIE!

       Key Man Lock & Safe Company can remove and completely rebuild your Honda ignition in under an hour.  No replacement is required.  We rebuild up to 20 Honda ignition per week with no issue.  No appointment is required.  Simply call ahead and let us know you are on your way.  If you are unable to bring your vehicle to us, we can send our Mobile Key Lab to you.  The savings over the dealership cost will astonish you.

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