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Glenn Letteer, Ed.D, MBA
Master Locksmith, Automotive Master Locksmith

Glenn is a Master Locksmith and Automotive Master Locksmith as well as a Safe & Vault Technician, and Financial Institution Physical Security Specialist. He has been employed in the locksmith industry over 26 years and is a 3rd generation locksmith.  He is well versed in all aspects of the locksmith trade. He was nationally recognized with the 2016 Diebold Nixdorf Top 1% of the Top 1% award for his work on safes & vaults. He was chosen from a field of over 3,000 candidates for the award. He is Chief Instructor for American Center For Locksmith Training and Educational Director and one of the founding members of Professional Locksmiths of America (PROLOA) , a national locksmith trade association founded in 2002. Glenn holds a Doctor of Education with a concentration in Performance Improvement, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Resource Allocation, a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice / Intelligence Studies, a post graduate certificate in Counter Terrorism, and is a certified Electro-mechanical Engineer as well as a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (SSMBB) and a 3rd generation Federal Aviation Administration licensed pilot. 

Lance Letteer, MBA

Master Locksmith, Automotive Locksmith IV

Lance received locksmith certification in 2008 and is a 4th generation locksmith. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Information Technology Management and a Bachelor's degree in Security Management / Information Security.  He is also an instructor for American Center For Locksmith Training teaching General Locksmith  courses.  He recently received certification as a Master Locksmith in the area of general locksmithing and is currently working towards Automotive Master Locksmith.

Lucia Letteer

Inventory Specialist

Lucia is our inventory specialist as well as our shop apprentice.  She handles all of our stock and special orders as well as day to day basic locksmith duties in the shop such as rekeying locks and cutting keys.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and is currently completing her Master of Business Administration.  She is a wonderful addition to our business.


Petra Letteer
Shop Manager/ Locksmith II, Automotive Locksmith II

Petra is our Ogden shop manager and handles our day to day scheduling as well as car openings, rekeys, and key programing.  She holds a Masters degree in Emergency & Disaster Management as well as a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice/ Intelligence Studies.  She has worked in the locksmith industry since 1997.


H.M. Dougal

Founder/Master Locksmith

H.M. Dougal is the Grandfather of Glenn Letteer and Great Grandfather of Xaviere-Paul and Lance.  He began locksmithing in 1953 in Boise, Idaho.  He opened his shop as Harold's Lock & Key.  After retiring from locksmithing in 1997, Glenn Letteer took over the company and renamed it Key Man Lock & Safe.  Today he is 95 years old and holds an advisory position with the company and American Center For Locksmith Training.


Ezra Letteer
Future Locksmith

Ezra is the Grandson of Glenn Letteer and son of Lance Letteer.  Ezra has been at our shop since he was two weeks old.  He can be found playing with locks and keysat our shop weekday afternoons.  Our hopes are he will be our family's 5th generation locksmith


Sophie Letteer
Parti Yorkie, Shop Dog, Princess

Sophie is our Ogden shop dog.  She loves nothing more than to "Go to work".  When she is not busy greeting customers, she can be found sleeping in her fuzzy pink bed under our reception counter.  We have given up hope of Sophie ever becoming a locksmith as she seems more interested in socializing.


Ruby Letteer
Blue Merle Yorkie, Shop Dog

Ruby is our newest team member.  When she isn't sleeping under the front desk, she can be found wrestling with her sister Sophie.

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