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   If you own a Mini Cooper, you may or may not be aware of the high cost of spare and replacement keys for your vehicle at the dealership.  Most Mini Cooper owners are not aware their car is in all actuality a BMW when it comes to the key and immobilizer system.


       If you are in need of a spare or replacement key, the dealership DOES NOT have the keys on hand.  They must order the keys which can take up to two weeks.  Before ordering, you must take your car to the dealership so they may ensure they order the properly coded key.  Once the key is shipped and received by the dealership, you must then schedule an appointment and drop your car off for a day or two.  This can be very inconvenient and cost upwards of $500 just for a spare.


       If you have lost all of your keys, the car must be towed to the dealership and left for up to two weeks and cost upwards of $1,500.  Sadly, for years the dealership has been the only option for spare and replacement Mini Cooper keys.


       We have great news!  There is now another, much faster and less expensive option!  Key Man Lock & Safe Company with locations in Ogden and Layton have the ability to laser cut and program Mini Cooper keys at a price much lower than the dealership.


       No, it does not take weeks, as we have the keys in stock.  No appointment is required either.  Simply stop by our store and one of our specialized automotive locksmiths will cut and program your key while you wait and have you on your way in minutes.


       Key Man Lock & Safe Company automotive locksmiths spend an average of 100 hours per year in training learning the newest techniques, vehicle systems, and equipment.  We have been in business over 20 years and are the top automotive locksmiths in the State of Utah, and one of the top in the United States.   


       We understand your time is valuable, so we strive to provide fast, quality, and friendly service at an affordable price.  Stop by or call us today and discover why we are Utah's top rated and most recommended automotive locksmith company.

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