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EEPROM Locksmithing

EEPROM Locksmith Key Man Lock & Safe Company
EEPROM Locksmith Key Man Lock & Safe Company
EEPROM Locksmith Key Man Lock & Safe Company
EEPROM Locksmith Key Man Lock & Safe Company

Key Man Lock & Safe Company based in Ogden, Utah is Utah's only full-service EEPROM locksmith and one of the few in the United States.

EEPROM (also E2PROM) stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory and is a type of non-volatile memory used in computers, integrated in microcontrollers for smart cards and remote keyless systems, certain vehicle immobilizer systems, and other electronic devices to store relatively small amounts of data but allow individual bytes to be erased and reprogrammed.

When all keys are lost to most European cars, it is necessary to either have a pre-coded key (which in 95% of cases is not available) or to have EEPROM procedures conducted on your vehicle.

A few vehicles which require EEPROM operations are (Not a complete list):

BMW (Some Models)

Mini Cooper (Some Models)

Mitsubishi (Some Models)




Jaguar (Some Models)

Subaru (Some Models)

Isuzu (Some Models)

Toyota (Some Models)

Lexus (Some Models)

Honda (Some Models)

Volkswagen (Some Models)

Audi (Some Models)

Porsche (Some Models)

GM (Some Models)

Aston Martin


When we conduct EEPROM operations on a vehicle, we extract a copy of the key/immobilizer file from a microcontroller on one or multiple circuit boards located in the vehicle.  We then have a choice.  We can either clone a key out of the file, or add a key to the file.  If we choose to add a key to the file, we write the key into the dump file, then upload the file back to the microcontroller.

If we choose to "clone a key out" of the file, not further synchronization is required.  As soon as the board is reinstalled in the vehicle, the car will start.  At times, the immobilizer and ecu must be re-synced before the vehicle will start.

We offer this service both in our shop and by "mail in".  If you would like to mail in the required components, please call ahead and we will provide you with detailed instructions regarding which module to send in, the location, and removal process.

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