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Access Control For Your Home

In the society of today, keys are an integral factor of life. We all worry about keys and who has control of them. Losing a house key can be a very expensive experience. When a house key is lost, it is necessary to rekey every lock in the house to keep people from gaining entry.

We have so many keys floating around. Our children need house keys, the neighbor who takes care of plants and animals when we go on vacation, and perhaps our landlord. How can we restrict who enters our home or duplicates our keys?

Key Man Lock & Safe Company has keyless options available to you. We offer keyless push button electronic deadbolts and door knobs which allow you to give out your code, rather than your key. Several of these locks allow you to provide one-time or temporary codes to others. When you believe the security of your home and family has been jeopardized, simply change the code in seconds.

Key Man Lock & Safe Company has been installing affordable access control locks for homes and businesses for over two decades. For more information and to discuss your options, contact a Key Man lock & Safe locksmith at (801) 675-5277 or email us at today.

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