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Never Be Locked Out Again!

At one time or another, we have all been locked out of our house. About the time we hear the door close, we realize we just locked our keys in the house. This can be a costly mistake. Locksmiths generally charge between $45 and $80 to pick a door lock open depending on the time of day.

Key Man Lock & Safe Company located at 128 20th St. in Ogden Utah has the solution. We stock the new "Sprinkler Key Hider". This device looks identical to a real sprinkler head. You simply unscrew the top, insert your house key, make a small hole in the ground, and push it into the hole.

Rocks and door mats are a thing of the past. The key hider rocks look fake and the first place people look for a key is under the door mat. No one will ever suspect a sprinkler head. The only time anyone pays attention to one is when they mow the lawn. We have plenty of these in stock so stop by today and pick yours up.

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