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Congratulations Dr. Glenn Letteer !

Key Man Lock & Safe Company is proud to announce our Master Locksmith has finally completed his Doctoral degree. Dr. Glenn Letteer has had a long educational journey which began with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice/Intelligence Studies, then to a Master of Business Administration, and finally ends with a Doctor of Education with a specialization in Performance Improvement.

When asked what Dr. Letteer plans to do in the future, he had this to say. "I have been involved in the locksmith and security industry for over 20 years. I enjoy what I do and can't really envision myself doing anything else. My reasons for furthering my education are not necessarily for the furtherance of my career, but more for personal improvement and satisfaction. If a side opportunity arises which is of interest to me, sure, I will take a look at it, but I have developed wonderful relationships with our customers and have no intention of changing careers."

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