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Inexpensive Mercedes Keys In Utah

If you are the proud owner of a Mercedes vehicle, you undoubtedly cringe at the thought of purchasing a spare key from the Mercedes dealership. Not only is the price cringe worthy (Up to $500), but the process as well.

Mercedes dealerships DO NOT keep keys in stock. You must visit the dealership and provide them with your VIN and identification and pay for the key at that time. The dealership then orders the key from Germany which takes about two weeks. Once the key arrives, you must schedule an appointment and drop off your car for up to two days. Once your key is programmed, you are then surprised with an additional bill for labor, cutting, and programing. The cutting and programing cost can run as high as $300. This means the total cost can be as much as $800 just for a key and require over two weeks!

Until now, the Mercedes dealership has been your only option for Mercedes vehicle keys. Key Man Lock & Safe Company with locations in Ogden and Layton possesses the technology and knowledge to laser cut and program your Mercedes keys at our Ogden location in about an hour. No appointment is ever needed and we keep most Mercedes keys in stock. We have removed the "cringe" from purchasing a Mercedes key by making them quickly at a mere fraction of the dealership price.

As the top automotive locksmiths in Utah, and one of the top in the United States, Key Man Lock & Safe Company provides and programs a wide array of European cars. We are currently the only Utah locksmith providing Mercedes keys.

Stop by today and one of our expert automotive locksmiths will cut and program your Mercedes key and have you quickly on your way.

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