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Key Man Wins 2020 Best of Northern Utah Award

Key Man Lock & Safe Company located at 2050 Wall Ave. Ogden, Ut. 84401 has won the Best of Northern Utah Award for the second year in a row. Key Man is an Ogden locksmith specializing in automotive keys, the only FULL Automotive specialist in the State of Utah.

When asked about winning the award, Glenn J. Letteer, the company's CEO and Master Automotive Locksmith had this to say "Since founding Key Man in 1997, we have won many awards. The Best of Northern Utah is one I am most honored to receive because the award is based upon votes from customers and members of the community. This award confirms we are making a difference in the community as a locally owned and operated family business. When arriving in Northern Utah, I immediately noticed a lack of automotive locksmith specialists. Every locksmith appeared to be General Locksmiths. Most people do not know the difference. Think of it like the difference between your family doctor who is a general practitioner and a heart surgeon. Your family doctor can take care of basic health issues, but if you have complex heart issues, you would go to a heart specialist. Locksmiths are no different. Most all locksmith "dabble" in automotive locksmithing, but none have the knowledge, tools, or training we at Key Man have. That is what makes us special."

Key Man Lock & Safe Company and the Letteer family would like to take this opportunity to thank our friends and loyal customers for your business throughout the years.

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