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Lost Your BMW Keys? Need a Spare?

Until recently, if you required a spare or replacement key for your BMW vehicle, your only option was the dealership. The BMW dealership does not keep the keys in stock and does not have the ability to laser cut or pre-code the keys. The keys must be ordered through the dealership. This takes up to two weeks. Once the keys arrive at the dealership, you must then have your vehicle towed to the dealership to have the keys programed to your vehicle. The cost is between $300 to $1,000 just for the key. This does not include their labor and programming fees.

What a long and drawn out process! Unfortunately, there are just a handful of automotive locksmiths in the United States with the knowledge, training, and equipment required to laser cut, pre-code, and program BMW keys. Key Man Lock & Safe Company located at 2050 Wall Ave. Ogden, Utah is one of these highly trained automotive locksmiths.

Key Man's Automotive Master Locksmith and Advanced Automotive Locksmiths have completed hundreds of hours of training required to produce BMW keys. Key Man is the only automotive locksmith in the State of Utah certified to work with BMW vehicles. We keep all BMW keys in stock, so there is generally no need for us to order keys. When we must order a key, we order overnight delivery to better serve our customers.

Often times, we can come to you and make your BMW key in the field. If this is not possible, your vehicle may be towed to our 8,500 square foot facility. This is needed for some vehicles which require the use of specialized equipment.

Often times you can even mail your components to us. We can then program your keys and mail your components back to you.

DO NOT let the dealership convince you they are the only ones who can laser cut, pre-code, and program your BMW keys, forcing you to spend much more than you need to.

Call Key Man Lock & Safe Company at (801) 675-5277 or stop by our Ogden location for more information.

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