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       If you are the owner of a Saab vehicle and you lose your only key, you can expect to be charged $1,500 to $1,600 by the dealer.  In actuality, the dealer does not merely replace your lost key, they also replace your immobilizer unit.

       There is no need to replace your immobilizer.  Key Man Lock & Safe Company is the only locksmith in the State of Utah with the ability and technology to perform EEPROM procedures and create a new key for your Saab vehicle when you have lost all keys.  We can also program a spare key at a fraction of the dealer cost.

       The dealer will tell you they are the only ones that can program a Saab key.  This is simply not true.

       We also manufacture Saab keys by mail.  Send us your door lock and immobilizer module and we will cut your key and add it to your immobilizer.  Call us at 801-675-5277 with any questions.

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