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Honda Key & Lock Problems?

If you own a Honda vehicle which utilizes a track key similar to the keys pictured above, chances are you are experiencing or will experience issues. Look closely at the keys pictured above. You will notice long scratches running the full length of the keys. You may think the scratches are caused by rubbing on other keys, but this is false.

The scratches come about in one of two ways. Either your key is worn, or the wafers in your ignition and/or door locks are worn. As the key or wafers wear, the wafers fall off of the key and begin to scrape the key as it is inserted or removed from the lock. Generally, shortly after these scratches begin to appear, you will begin to experience difficulties inserting the key into the lock or ignition, turning the key in the lock or ignition, or in most cases, BOTH.

When these scratches appear lubricating and cleaning the lock or ignition will not be effective in solving your problems. In most cases the problem may be remedied by bringing your vehicle to our shop. From there we remove and rebuild the lock or ignition cylinder which is causing the problem. In rare cases it is necessary to rebuild the lock AND cut a new key.

It is very important to bring the vehicle to us as soon as you see the scratches or at first sign of locks or the ignition sticking. Failure to do so will cause you to be stranded and result in expensive towing bills. The repair generally takes us around one hour to complete at our facility and is reasonably inexpensive.

If you believe you are experiencing an issue, stop by or call (801) 675-5277, Key Man Lock & Safe Company at 128 20th St. Suite A Ogden, UT 84401 and we will evaluate your vehicle free of charge.

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