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When Should I Rekey My Locks?

We at Key Man Lock & Safe Company at 128 20th St. in Ogden, Utah receive telephone calls from our customers on a daily basis asking when and if they should rekey their locks. Many individuals are not aware what rekeying is, so firstly, I will explain.

Rekeying locks is quite fascinating as well as money saving. When a lock is rekeyed, all of the pins in the lock are replaced in order to prohibit current keys from working. New keys are supplied and the pins are replaced to match the new keys. Once the lock is rekeyed, only the new keys will open the lock. Rekeying a lock is much less expensive than replacing locks and is generally 1/3 to 1/4 the price of purchasing new locks.

They are many instances in which it is wise to have a locksmith rekey your locks. When purchasing or moving into a new house, you should ALWAYS have the locks rekeyed. DO NOT take the word of the previous owner if they inform you they just had the locks rekeyed. The only way to be certain is to have them rekeyed yourself.

You should also rekey them when evicting a tenant, going through a divorce, when an employee leaves (voluntarily or involuntarily), or when your keys have been lost or stolen. You may also want to rekey if you suspect your key has been copied while loaning it out.

If you are concerned about keys being copied, Key Man Lock & safe Company offers a restricted keyway. With this keyway, keys may only be obtained from us and are not available from other locksmiths or hardware stores.

If you have questions on rekeying or are ready to schedule an appointment with one of our family of locksmiths, call us at (801) 675-5277, stop by our store at 128 20th St. Ogden, UT 84401, or visit our website at

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